Creamed spinach gratin is the perfect side dish recipe to go with my steakhouse dinner theme for Christmas 2018. It’s essentially a creamed spinach recipe made cheesier with the addition of gruyere and parm and topped with a toasted breadcrumb topping and baked until golden brown and bubbly. It’s simple to make, it’s easy to prepare ahead and it’s a great vegetable recipe for the holidays. So pay attention, learn how to make creamed spinach and then how to make it into a gratin

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  1. First of all I freaking love your channel. It's the most visually pleasing cooking channel on all of YouTube, seriously. And your editing style, It's relaxing in a way lol and just so well put together, you can really see all the time and love you put into your videos. Anyway this looks amazing but I am excited for the twice baked potatos, I planned to make them for Christmas so I'm eager to see your take on them. 🙂

  2. I'm in London it's 5:37 am and I've been watching your incredible cooking videos, beautiful food and cinematography. Perfection in my eyes! Oh and let's not forget to mention your personality and chill attitude. Thanks!

  3. 🤤🤤🤤 Our family get-together Christmas meal is usually Gumbo (don't think it would be the best combo lol) but I'll be making this soon just because. Even my preschooler boys would eat this!

  4. I love creamed spinach! As I was watching you wilt down your spinach I got to wondering if frozen spinach might not be a little easier to use because it's basically already wilted and a known quantity. I loved the presentation, very cool.

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