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  1. I just wanna know that when you kept your fish in the oven, which option did you choose ? .. as in the heat comes from top of your oven or you just switched on the fan in the oven so that the heat spreads in the oven.

  2. you supid britt, lol in the Mediterranean we dont bake Sea Bream, it is the queen of fish and it is pan fried or grilled always,only a ham and egger cook would bake it lmfao

  3. I can see the garlic ok but you all ready put oil on the fish why would you cover it with more oil that is over doing it with oil you don';t need that much oil no way.

  4. I just want to eat your dish,,,right now.!! hahaha
    I have a question, can we make the same dish without using oven??
    if yes, can u please link me the video or just tell me how to do so..

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