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Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. It seems simple on the surface. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun and transfer it to our atmosphere. This leads to warmer winters, harsher summers. Dry places become drier and wet places wetter. Countless ecosystems will die while the rising oceans swallow coasts and the cities we build on them.

So why don’t we just like… prevent all of that? Well, it’s complicated.

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  1. Honestly, your not even looking at the facts, that the largest companies in the world we buy from totally have money to develop the technology to quit the pollution, and the quick and natural breakdown of trash. They just refuse to do it. Just like covid, anything based in fear, is based in a lie, why don't you do a episode on fear mongering and how it affects the masses, especially brain washing our youngest of the population its their fault polar bears are dying, do you realize the psychological effect taking place? All of this fear tactics taking place, whether terrorism (a lie created by the cia), covid (by the entire healthcare community) or man made climate change, all rooted in fear to control the way we consume, and live, taking away liberty. If earth was going to explode, we would see the steam powered, electric., even hydrogen, but itll enrich the wrong people so its withheld. Dont take my rights and my childrens rights simply because criminal corporations wont give sustainable and non destructive to environment products. Tired of the lies that are anchored to fear, emotions. Smh…

  2. This is like a butterfly effect. Assume we eat less meat – it won't make the produkt dissappear. A pack of ham or steaks is already at the shelf and more are on the way. It will takie time untill the production słowa and think of all the wasted food in the process.

  3. I'm happy this video exists. I keep telling people they can only do so much by avoiding plastic straws. The real problem is the actual production of plastic. Guilt-tripping the average person to "reduce, reuse, and recycle" isn't the solution. Turning the spotlight on the corporations and governments who quietly created and enable this mess is.

  4. I was literally just writing something about climate change and YouTube added this to my queue. Was very funny timing and just hits home everything I'm thinking about the way this planet is being treated.
    We need to change the collective relationship with this planet.

  5. Unfortunately, solving climate change relies on a concept that is a very poorly implemented in human society: delayed gratification. Just look at the number of people who don't save for retirement: it's a common cognitive bias at the personal level, let alone at the societal level where you're talking about a delay in gratification for future generations that you may not live to see. Only once climate change has gotten so bad that it is severely affecting the lives of most people will anything change, and even then it will be sluggish, and of course by then it will be too late.

  6. It bothers me that you say DAC is a possibility however its expensive, you completely ignore the fact why this is expensive (energy intensive, uses chemical energy, …). DAC is not a solution to climate change since it only captures the CO2 which requires tremendous amounts of energy which are mostly facilitated by fossil fuels. DAC is therefore completely useless even contribution to climate change. The uses of CO2 are limited and to revert them into fuels and other useful materials costs energy as well which would be absurd to do with energy from fossil fuels. The thing that is promising in limiting CO2 emission, however still very energy intensive is capturing the carbon right at the source (e.g. factory chimney) instead of sucking it out of the air since the concentration of CO2 is higher . Even if you do spend all this energy at capturing CO2 there will still be events were this captured and stored carbon will leak back into the air making it more than completely useless.

  7. We are probably past the point of no return, missed by about a decade. What we can probably still do is to prevent the worst catastrophic scenario… And we will probably still fail to prevent that as well because the current political rhetoric is centered around "personal responsibility". Changes in general populations' lifestyle will at best solve ~10% of the problem. The people who are in charge of decision making or who manage the most resources of the planet are the ones that can, should and must change how our big systems work because they are the ones who today have the historical responsibility, just from holding such amount of power.

    I'm cynical and I'm forecasting that the survivors of all of this disaster, who will undoubtedly still be dealing with the consequences of our leaders and riches failures, will see this generation in around 100 years time and wonder and condemn "what the hell was humanity thinking was going to happen and why did the able and powerful of the 21st century made so many excuses and did nothing but the obvious?" Hindsight will be 20/20.

  8. X-Files
    Like bats that fly around in the darkness of caves…the hostile alien vampires (greed) are blind and cannot see the ignorance of destroying the planet.

    Light and truth (love) cause vampires (greed) great pain and suffering. That's why the words "green new deal" cause the capitalist counting corpses that rule US such misery.

    The evangelical monsters are extremely "desperate" to control a darkship called the Whitehouse. Because working in the dark to suck the joy out of life and destroy the planet is the only way that the loveless, lifeless parasites can survive and thrive.

    It's also how the hostile alien invaders keep their "human cattle" corralled.

    Big, empty, brain numbing, soul sucking numbers measure the amount of darkness (greed) that a vampire's giant black hole in space called "ego" posseses. Not brilliance.

    Lots of expensive yachts, rockets and things measure the pride and imagination of a vampire's ego. Not intelligence.

    Unlike earthling human beings and creators of joy…the capitalist counting corpses that rule US can't create harmony (real intelligence) because vampires (greed) are far worse than stupid. The loveless, lifeless parasites are ignorant (dead).

    Vampires (greed) who suck the joy out of life have joined the zombies who eat the futures of their children.

    Zombie Apocalypse is here and happening now.

    The real Mission Impossible
    The wall of lies saying that "life is business" (greed) must crumble…so that the truth that "life is art" (creating joy) floods the earth and washes away it's ignorance (hate).

    Then life can become a celebration with joy spilling out of the smiles of everyone. Like Love intended for life to be in the first place.

    Darkness (business) exists so that stars like US have a place to shine in heaven (joy, beauty and harmony).

    Stars like US don't exist to be sucked out of heaven by a giant black hole in space called "greed" and it's ignorance (hate).

    Also, Love spent billions of years creating this paradise planet lifeboat so that her miraculous works of fine art called "life" have a beautiful place to "be".

    Love didn't spend so much time creating this paradise planet lifeboat to be depreciated, polluted and destroyed in a brief moment by hostile alien vampires (greed) and their ignorance (hate).

  9. I know this isn't a popular opinon but birth control has consistently been proven to increase the standard of living in poor countries were there is little food to go around as well it decreases CO2 emmisions its cheap and the best place to start

  10. Nice facts…but the world has already crossed the saturation limit..thus it will be difficult to face the unknown future issues. One more major industrial sector you missed in this video …that is textile n fast fashion sector. Yes, we need to make the world more stable …under control. Everyone should think about this and work towards this to save the world.

  11. How ironic. The countries responsible for the current climate situation – the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, do not allow other countries who are not involved in global warming to develop economically under the pretext of further deterioration of the climate. Instead of cutting down on their own overconsumption, they forbid others to consume.

  12. wonderful video, as always, Kurzgesagt. only thing i'm not sure about are the burping cows…i was under the impression that other kind of emissions are involved in this case 😉 😀

  13. Okay – well first of all I hate to burst any bubbles here but Climate Change is a cause and effect of the HAARP system based out of the University of Alaska. High Active Aerial Research Project funded by the University, the US Air Force, the US Navy and our special defense department DARPA – we have all our war contractors working in the US now on the domestic terrorism in the form of GeoEngineering Mother Earth's land and waterways daily as well as everything upon her . . . and LIKE GANGSTALKING THE CITIZENS WHO TALK TO MUCH ABOUT THESE ATROCITIES even have our police departments kill them. This HAARP machine (infrastructure is in all over the world) can make catstrophic weather and wipe out towns. It messes with the ionisphere and is in the hands of mad men.

    Bill Gates use to hang with Jeffrey Epstein the pedophile pimp and even visited him in prison several times – Why are you taking Bill Gate's word for anything. Anyone can be a pimp of children and anyone can rape and abuse children. JUST SAY NO TO PEOPLE WHO DO IT.

    Don't give them credit for being rich – Give them credit for being terribly sick in the head and perverted & depraved sexually.

    And remember your silence is complicity to the continued raping of our children.

    Good luck – MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

  14. Degrowth does not necessarily mean that everyone has lower quality lives. In fact, it could lead to the opposite. It would be possible to have a system with less emissions where every person the planet could have the average quality of life during the 60s in the west. And people would have to work less too. Costa Rica for example is a "poor" country if you look at GDP but it turned large parts of its country into a nature reserve, have politics that would keep them under the 2°C mark and they have an overall good quality of life with universal healthcare and free press.
    I highly recommend reading "Less is More" by Jason Hickel- it really goes into depth about this topic and has many positive reviews from scientists

  15. It's a bit concerning having Bill Gates as a sponsor, given how he – and his foundation – basically lay the blame on the Global South by stating "overpopulation" in the third world as the problem, when in reality the poorest 50% of the world are only responsiblle for approx 10% of the pollution. The rest is us. And Bill Gates is surely one of the planet's greatest polluters.

  16. Climat change made me understand how unholy overpowerd a hive mind would be in real life. The every day person has by far the most, if not all the power in combination but we just lack a inteligent collective mind that would make us actually taking advantage of our enormous power.


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