Today I’m sharing a New Buffalo Cheez-It Chicken Tenderloin Recipe. This was such a hit in my house I wanted to share it with you!! I hope you like and subscribe to my channel if you are new!

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Ingredients you will need
Chicken tenders
Buffalo Cheez-it depending on how big your family is you might need two boxes
1/4th cup mayo
1/2 cups sour cream or you can do Greek yogurt
One packet of ranch salad dressing mix
One stick of melted butter

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  1. Delicious! I've made one similar using sour cream, mayo and Hidden Valley chive and green onion dip mix as a marinade. I've never tried the buffalo Cheez its . Are they very spicy? I hope not because I think I'd really enjoy them. I can't do spice anymore and I miss it. I know everyone is always looking for a fresh, quick and tasty chicken recipe.Thank you❤

  2. What a surprise!! Just finished watching Moss Family TV & got your notification. Two of my favorites back to back❤️.
    Y'all love your spicy foods. All about that double burn 💩🙊. I only have half a stomach left so I have to be very careful what I eat. I do make something very similar to this though. I marinade chicken breasts in italian dressing & then coat it in crushed up croutons (whatever flavor you like) & cheese (I've used parmesan & cheddar blends.) Always comes out tender & delicious 🤤.
    Hope you have a great week girl ❤️.


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