Delicious and very easy to make, this chicken dish features boneless/skinless chicken breasts smothered in freshly grated tomatoes and feta all on a bed of spaghetti. Try it today, love it forever…

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Hope you all love it!!!!!

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  1. Yiasou Ken. I use many of your recipes when I’m in my hunting camp, they are quick and tasty and everyone loves them. It’s time for a book. Thank for everything.

  2. Oh my goodness that is great forget four people lol it’s a pandemic time lol keep it for seconds ha ha too good to share . Thank you again Ken have a great day.

  3. Do you ever rinse your pasta? I never do, it but my household always complains its too starchy. I tell em to do it themselves if they dont like it. :p

  4. …"That's enough for four people"… Are these little people, or does it mean I eat enough for four people?! Well done Ken another great recipe my friend! Is there an English name for kefalotiri? I've never been able to find something similar here, unless I drive a bit and visit a Greek store.


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