I review both Hello Fresh and Blue Apron to see which is better and if they’re worth it.
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In this video The Deal Guy is reviewing both HelloFresh and Blue Apron food subscription box. Not only did the Deal Guy do a hello fresh review but he also did a hellofresh unboxing. The same with blueapron, he did a blue apron review and a blue apron unboxing. So the question is are they worth it? more specifically is blue apron worth it as a healthy meal subscription.

Well if you look at this Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron video you’ll see the Hellofresh first impression is great and the Blue Apron first impression isn’t as good. So when it comes to Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh then you’ll have to watch and find out.

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  1. I work at FedEx as a package handler and I see Hello Fresh boxes quite a bit, so I decided to look it up. I decided to try it out, just placed my order, since it was my first time purchasing on their app, I received $30 off of my first order with free shipping. Cost for first time was $9 and some change!! 😎

  2. I prefer going to yt and searching for meal ideas. I know where I can buy affordable items, and make just the amount I need. The bonus is, I can spice it up or down and learn constantly.

  3. Just a waste of packaging. .. no thanks. Go get the stuff yourself if you can. If you can't this is a great idea. If your able but don't want to, you're the problem with this country.

  4. I definitely agree the portions are significantly bigger with Hello Fresh over Blue Apron. I personally think the quality of the recipes are better with Blue Apron. If you never have any issues and like Hello Fresh, great go with it. I have had issues with both and Blue Apron's customer service is a million times better than Hello Fresh. I was flat out disappointed and pretty upset with Hello Fresh's customer service. I'll be cancelling and sticking with Blue Apron for my future meal kit delivery needs.

  5. The excuses people use to justify the novelty of buying these products is amazing
    "it's cheap" you obviously don't shop around much for your ingredients then
    "following the simple cooking instructions is easy" so is following the instructions of a simple cookbook
    "it's so convenient" this is the one that always gets me. HOW?

  6. "if ur short on money- this isn't for you"

    Welp, there goes 98% of the country/world I guess.
    (/healthy food is only for rich ppl anyway… :-< fuck u hello fresh and other similar brands…burn in hell, rich assholes already get everything in life, like food, shelter & clean clothes..)


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