All the best sites to see and things to do on a trip to Greece, from ruins and beaches to food and wine, riding ferries, and more.

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Best Things to Do in Greece

One of the top draws of a Greek vacation is the country’s great inventory of amazing archaeological ruins. The most famous is the Acropolis at Athens, but in Greece, there’s historical treasure to be found wherever you go. From the towering Palamidi fortress in the seaside Peloponnese town of Nafplio to the ancient town of Akrotiri destroyed in a volcanic eruption on Santorini, to the Portara Gate of the Apollo Temple on Naxos. Greek antiquities are generally very well preserved, and easy to visit on your own or with a tour.

One of the most popular destinations in all of Greece, are the extraordinary Orthodox monasteries of Meteora. Located 4-5 hours from Athens, these 6 spectacular mountaintop monasteries sit on top of vertical cliffs. With it’s beautiful natural landscape, the surrounding area has grown to be the center of Greece’s adventure tourism, a popular destination for hiking of all levels, world class rock climbing, rafting and mountain biking.

Then there’s Delphi, located in the mountains of central Greece, with a view to the sea below, which was the ancient sanctuary that grew rich as the seat of Peethia, the oracle who was consulted about important decisions throughout ancient Greece. Delphi was seen by ancient Greeks as the center of the known world, and this enchanting Greek village has drawn dreamers, philosophers, writers, and hopefuls ever since. Today’s Delphi consists of an extensive archaeological site and museum, with a still-present mystical atmosphere.

Hopping between islands is one of the best ways to experience Greece, each of which have their own distinct feel and charm. Riding a ferry is the easiest and most fun way to get between them, and though day trips are an option, staying overnight will enable visitors to enjoy more time in any location. The ferry port is usually in the main town on the island, and good bus service makes it easy to visit the beaches and most popular attractions. Some islands also have smaller ferries or boats to local islands such as between Paros and Antiparos, or between Mykonos and Delos.

Throughout Greece, there are many fabulous beaches, from long sandy stretches to secret coves. Here are our favorites….. and here are some more great ones. (beach show on screen) Greece is also world famous for kitesurfing and windsurfing locations, particularly on Naxos and Paros, due to the strong Meltemi winds that blow in from the north

Of course one of the best parts of any trips to Greece is the amazing food. Waterfront dining, sunset views, outdoor cafes, fresh tomatoes, olives, yogurts and cheeses, grilled meats and seafood, wine. From souvlaki sandwiches to fine dining, Greece has got it all. And don’t miss the taverna experience, typically open in the evenings, and often including live entertainment and alcoholic beverages like local wine.
Across Greece, grapes are grown and wine is made in just about every region including the islands, so there are many great wineries with amazing tours and tastings. And you can also find these local wines available in most restaurants.

A great way to experience authentic Greek culture is by visiting the local villages on each island. In many, people continue to make their living in traditional ways, producing textiles and ceramics, farming crops and making cheese. These small towns are great for wandering narrow alleys, tasting local products, and escaping the crowds of the most popular areas.

The Greek Islands, in particular, are known for their amazing sunsets, and one of our favorite things to do in Greece is to relax and enjoy the free light show at the end of every day, preferably with cocktail in hand.

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