We’re finally in New Zealand! But before we get up to any epic adventures, we’re spending the day in Auckland and trying all sorts of delicious foods like Hokey Pokey ice cream, lamb shoulder and a tradition Hangi plate 🀀

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  1. Love this BUT is anyone else yelling at the screen, "Just eat it already, it's going to get cold!!! You can talk about it after!" LOL No, just me?

    Keep up with the awesome vlogs! Can't wait to explore NZ!!! Loved the Hawaii series! πŸ™‚

  2. Chuffed is one of my favourite cafes! But I go there for their crumpets 😻 Also Giapo is overrated… for beautiful fresh gelato, should have checked out Island Gelato tucked away in the ferry building. I was so happy when I learned I didn’t have to go all the way to Waiheke Island for it anymore πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ’–

  3. Are you coming to Dunedin on your tour or are you by-passing the oldest city in NZ and heading for the tourist traps? So many amazing places to eat – Speights Ale House is well worth a visit, as is the brewery tour that they offer. There is also a boutique chocolate maker, with ethically sourced cocoa beans – a must see attraction. Also – Baldwin Street – the steepest residential street in the world – you have to climb it! Will wait to see whether you get here or not!

  4. I actually can't believe that you went to south Auckland for hangi and Otahuhu for that matter. i. Like that just blows my mind a little. I've never known tourists to actually go out of the City centre when staying in Auckland! Good on you! Best place for hangi is in Rotorua – like no joke I'm very judgy when it comes to hangi. Rotorua, specifically Mitai, is probably the closest you'll get to proper. Well in my opinion anyway. Safe travels guys xx

  5. I just skip from the first 10 Vlogs to the latest one, you two changed so much especially the guy becoming way more positive on the screen totally changed to a new person. I don't know what happened to you but its becoming more like a show or acting and the beginning episodes are more real life recording style….Prefer the previous ones though it seems more uneventfully.

  6. A Lamb is not a Sheep though, it's a baby Sheep, a Sheep is a adult Sheep. I'm not sure why you said "Sheep in it's first year" you mean a BABY, A YEAR OLD, So eating Lamb wich is a baby, and has the same intelligence and personality as a dog, is wrong.
    Aside from that I love New Zealand Sooo much.

  7. It's the only country I've ever visited where I just thought "yeah, this is fucking paradise". It's other-worldly.. Auckland is just a city, but the rest of the country is bloody perfect. If it wasn't literally the other side of the planet I'd just move there.

  8. There are so many amazing craft breweries he in NZ now there’s a few definitely worth stopping by (definitely Tuatara Brewery on your way down to Wellington), and so many amazing places for food. Mojo coffee bar in Queens Arcade (lower Queen St, Auckland CBD) is awesome for a quick coffee in the morning, and Auckland is packed with AMAZING burger joints (Burger Burger; Velvet Burger; cheaper more basic places like Better Burger; Lucky Boy Burgers). If you’re around Whanganui it’s totally worth getting a jet boat ride up the Bridge to Nowhere, and some decent eating down here too (my home town). And Midnight Espresso (their vegan chocolate cake used to be amazing hopefully still is, it’s been years since I was last in Wellington having just moved back to Whanganui from Auckland) and Fidel’s cafes in Cuba St, Wellington are absolutely worth hitting up.


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