A Demigod invites you to a dinner date…what could possibly go wrong?

This romantic ASMR audio boyfriend role play is episode 5 of my Greek Mythology series. Watch the series from from the start here:

Big thanks to Naomi Jayne for writing this series and playing Pandora so brilliantly. Enjoy Naomi’s other audio drama on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErKOxV85FRM&list=PLe1oQeLS2EWnz5dexLsKm1AaGlph-Eyh4

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  1. Apollen kidnapping the listener with a knife and making her unconscious. Ok that’s a way to keep the story going. But why wasn’t anyone at the restaurant not noticing or stoping him?!

  2. Same here I like the series too and forbidden love series
    Too. By the way I have been to ask HOW is the
    Forbidden love series going to come to a
    Close or conclusion?? # just wondering
    A. I think that was her ex- boyfriend
    How kidnapped her.
    And B. There going to get
    Her back.
    Besides the experience alone.
    On the say so I think that Allen and Pandora
    Deserve each other thats a ship.
    C. Now, THATS HOW write a script story
    Master Missy #toonawsome
    Between you and shadowy whipers
    You two write some awesome
    Asmr role play stories.
    #just saying
    #cheers be cool 😊😊😊

  3. but then meanwhile (part 2), Magnus was calling to his father and he wasn't please about it, after his father was just checking up on his least favorite excuse of a son, which Magnus said what does he want now? which his father told him about me (being the Olympian girl), and he told him about that he was on the date with me and just told him about how look and innocent I was to him, but after that just shocked and surprised Magnus and wants to know how does he know about it, and he said that he knows from looking through the portal and know about everything too, which that makes Magnus mad, and told him to be quiet and after he told him that what him and myself are doing is none of his business, but after Loki told him in confusion and then just burst out into laughter, then he told his son that Magnus is falling in love with me, which he just said something that makes Magnus mad and his b.l.o.o.d boiling, that Loki mentioned about like his mother and he is pathetic and lowlife love just like his mother, but that is when Magnus told him to not bring up his mother again, and going to hang up, but after he told his son that he will be eating dinner 'alone', which that was suspicious to Magnus and ask him what did he mean by that? But Loki just hanged up the phone and that makes Magnus mad and just hang up and went to go check back inside and realized that I was gone, and he was wondering where am I?, And also he tried to call me, and he is very desperate and keep begging to pick up, come on, pick up the phone, but it was no use, then he heard the voice of Allen and was wondering what he was doing?, Which that surprised to see Allen again, but he asked to Allen why he was wet?, Which he told him that he should be asking her that question not him, but my friend Pandora told him that she couldn't help it but to see if allen 'fell-in' the lake, but allen corrected her that she pushed him in the lake, not fell in the lake, but after he told them that he got a very concerned feeling about what happened to me, which Allen asked wasn't I with him, which he explained that I was with him, but now I am not, and Pandora thought about that, but after when they were talking about it, until she came to realization that it was Napoleon and she said that Hades didn't listen to her, or nobody else listen to her, since Hades didn't trust him, but after Magnus told them about if was like about with the patheons, which they answered together 'we don't', and explained about Loki the Trickery, and Pandora explained about it too, and Allen asked in confusion and also Magnus asked if he might do something to me, but she said he is Trickery, not intelligence, but she told them that she has a trick of her own, which is she going to locate the jewel that I still have to take me back home, and just told them that the jewel is still faded but she can still locate me, but need to go quickly, before something bad happens, which she told Magnus that he doesn't want to know what would happen to me after all. So let's just give hope and pray for Allen, my friend Pandora and Magnus find me quickly, cause I got a bad feeling about what will Napoleon will do to me too.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you have a good morning/afternoon/evening and I hope you have a good day too as well, same to everyone else and including the rest of the asmrtists and everyone who collabs as well and same to you too, Naomi Jayne.

    And also for the reaction to the video would be this ☺️❤️💓😁😨😱😧😠 and also 💔👿👿 and 👿 like for myself and my father and Napoleon as the Demi-gods and demi-goddess too. And also 🐺😺👨🐶 for Allen the shapshifter too. For the angry emoji for Napoleon and for Loki too as well.

    Also ☺️☺️☺️☺️ and ❤️❤️❤️❤️ for being a good friend from me to you and everyone else and including the rest of the asmrtists and everyone who collabs as well and same to you too, Naomi Jayne.

    One more thing I want to give credits to both of you MasterMissyAsmr and Naomi Jayne, for playing the role as each character/characters and also play the role as a narrator too, and for writing the script and for writing such a good book too as well.

    One last thing you were right, the video didn't make me cry, and you have kept your promise too as well.

    So thank you for keeping your promises too.

    One last, last thing I really am enjoying the series of the Greek Gods mythology so far too.

    One last, last, last thing I am really, really sorry, I didn't mean to post my comments so late or almost so late last night too, please forgive me and I hope we can still be friends too as well.

  4. Oh my goodness and oh my god (or in this case oh my Greek Gods, eheh, sorry), and that was really good and enjoyable for about only around some moments, untill it was ruined from the phone call, but very unexpected and not so happy to see my least favorite character named Napoleon, but after I was about to scream, but after he threatened me and end up just calm down a little bit and then after he just knocked me out, but it was really sweet and nice, and well nearly like heartwarming and heartfelt moment between Magnus and myself, and even though it sounds like that he was trying to come up with a way to say it in words, since he seems to be compliment me about my beauty and everything, even though it makes me blushes so much and laugh and enjoy my second day on earth, before tommorow I have to return back to underworld, but it backfire am then after when Magnus had a call with his father, he was suspicious about his father, and wonders how in the world between human realm and the underworld does he know about all that, but even though that makes sense after what Loki just said to his least favorite son, which that just makes my b.l.o.o.d boiling after hearing from what Loki just said to him, and I would agree with both Pandora and Magnus too about never mentioned about his mother and and also about the jewel that will be taken me home, but it did make me happy and laugh for a moment for mentioning about Allen and Pandora, after asking why he was wet, and he told him that he should be asking the question to my friend Pandora not him, but after hearing and understand about what happened just now, and feel concerned, but let's hope Magnus and my friend Pandora and Allen find me quickly before who knows what will happen, which from hearing from my friend Pandora told him that he doesn't want to know what would happen to me, which that makes two of us (meaning me too after all), which I got a very, very bad feeling and mostly concerned and mostly worried right now too, like during the video, the narrator was talking about me about my second day in the human realm is almost over, and that is sadden me and have thoughts about it, and have to return home to the underworld, but I pushed the thoughts aside, and try to enjoy the rest of my time that I have with Magnus, but then there was boy Loki and Napoleon, and if their plans didn't go as it should be to the plans than there will be consquences and consquences will be/could be fatal, but who will be betrayed by whom, so now it was really good and enjoyable for having a dinner date with the Demi-god name Magnus at the Chinese restaurant, and after I hear him say that it was really good way to recover from the hangovers, and I was in my 3rd bowl already and was wondering where was the rest go, since he told me that I was enjoying the meal, and building the human or my metabolism, and even though the thoughts of after what he said about the meal, makes us both laughed, but after I told him that I was about to feel full, which he was finishing his meal too, but after we had a talk, and then it turned like up the moment of the like the heat of love, or maybe like sort of thing of call love, but he was trying to come up with something to say, since his words are coming out of his mouth and also after hearing him asking about holding my hand, I end up just said uh s-sure, 'in my thoughts is like:oh my goodness this Demi-god just asked me to hold my hand, 'screaming in my head right now', and also I listen to his conversation and compliment about how soft my hands are against his hands, and I was blushing so much, and mentioned about sugar and spice and everything so nice, which that just makes me laugh and smile and wished to say that was so cheesey, but after I told him that you are so old fashion Demi-gods, and after he just said that he may be old fashion Demi-god in the Chinese restaurant, but even though it was true, and even though we just kind of slowly getting close to each other, but after hearing him say some stuff, and even though he just laughed and said two old fashion Demi-gods in the Chinese restaurant, and we both laugh this time, but after he told me that I'm the heartbreaker you know?, Which that confused me and thought about he means by that, but then it clicked my mind about that, which it turned into a frown and bring myself head down, and he brought up about that I have to return home tommorow, so after I nod my head for about that, then he told me if there is any way that I could come back to see him again, since I will be missing him told me about the stuff, and don't know about it, since I told him about the patheons and about our worlds of rivilerly, (sorry I tried to pronounce as I can), and he knows about that, but it would be like just something like that too, he will miss me too, since he told me that he feels this 'spark', and he asked if I feel the same way too, which I do feel the same way, and we were getting too close, and we were about to kiss, but the moment was ruined from hearing the phone call from his father, and he said that is one way to ruined the moment, but he told me that he needs to take this and he will be right back, and it will only be a moment to his return, and then he told me that I would wait right here, so he left and went outside to talk to his old man (meaning his father), meanwhile while I was waiting for Magnus to return, I end up hearing footsteps and then heard the 'oh so familiar voice', which I don't want to hear right now, which is none other than Napoleon, and I feel shocked and surprised and glare at him, and I was about to scream for help, but he told me in a threatening voice about I shouldn't scream, otherwise he will splatter my own b.l.o.o.d all over the floor and that would bring down the 5 star restaurants, which we both don't want that now do we?, So I just grip my hand into a fist, but I ended up just loosen the fist and calm down, after he told me that I will be coming with him, after he told me that I am going to get up nice and slow, which I did what he said it, until he told me unconscious or conscious, my choice, which I end up glaring more, until I heard him say suit yourself, and just in that moment I was knocked out by the neck chop to the back of my neck and fall down and was taken away,

  5. How rude, I was sharing a tender moment with Magnus and Loki had to ruin it. As for Apollen, we met once and had one dance, that doesn't make me automatically yours.

  6. Hiii
    Awww, I don’t want to return 😕
    Holding hands!! I squealed form how cute that moment is 🥰😁
    Please be careful 😬
    Oh noooooooooo
    Oh damn 😳😫
    I’m so scared!
    Least favourite!? How dare-
    Innocent? 😇
    Allen!! 💛
    Pandora!! 💜
    Doggo is such a cute nickname!
    Yasss Pandora, bestieeee ☺️

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