Armenian Easter Bread Recipe – Katnahunc – Heghineh Cooking Show

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  1. I just discovered your cooking show and I am hooked. I love to cook and bake and I am enjoying your show. The kids are wonderful and makes the show real. Your husband does an awesome job with the camera.

  2. I'm so proud you are also Armenian, I love you and your gorgeous family very much! Though you don"t live in Armenia, you keep all the traditions of our ancient nation and speak Armenian to your cute kids, bravo! I prepared your Katnahunc for my family & everyone loved it! You know, as I admire you much, I called it "Katnahunc Heghine"! Good luck! We are waiting for your new, tasty Armenian recepies and interesting vlogs! Bye!

  3. Your hysterical!! I'm so glad to see a cooking show where someone's kitchen looks like mine with kids and people all over the place when I'm trying to cook! Your wonderful and thank you for the recipes!! God bless.

  4. That looks absolutely gorgeous. Our Italian Easter bread is very similar, but only difference is , that it's single layer, not double. Thank you for this video as always. My daughter doesn't try my baking either haha


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