Welcome to the best and only Dinosaur Food Review channel on YouTube. Today we ordered the new Spicy Greek Gyro from Arby’s

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  1. impressive price they have on these for sure but before we went plant based it was famous gyro George for the best deal on gyro's for sure hands down although we think a lot of those have closed due to the pandemic round these parts

  2. Very cool video. I'm glad you got to go back in. The Arbys around where I live is allowing people inside as well. I figured Joe would not like the spicy one that much but the meat is great and I like the spice thanks for the upload guys.

  3. So cool to see the dining rooms opening up! The Burger King's dining room by me is opened and I have been dining in. I never ate a Gyro from Arby's before. Unfortunately, our Arby's that was only 4 blocks from me disappeared.


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