A Fan Favorite at Arby’s® gets a Greek Menu Upgrade in the form of their New Gyro Loaded Curly Fries! See what this one has to offer right here in this detailed review!

Featuring Traditional Greek Gyro Meat and Creamy Tzatziki Sauce, the New Gyro Loaded Curly Fries are then topped with Diced Tomatoes Red Onions and Gyro Seasoning all on Crispy Curly Fries.

Ian K swings by his local Arby’s® to give their New Gyro Loaded Curly Fries a shot! How awesome were the New Gyro Loaded Curly Fries at Arby’s®?! Only one way to find out, guys! Peep THIS Out!

Arby’s® | We Have The Meats™
Website: http://arbys.com

Traditional Greek Gyro Meat. Creamy Tzatziki Sauce. Diced Tomatoes and Red Onions. Gyro Seasoning. The flavors of distant Greece, on top of the Curly Fries of not-so-distant Arby’s.​

Arby’s® | Gyro Loaded Curly Fries
Calories: 820
Calories from Fat: 530
Fat: 59g
Saturated Fat: 12g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 55mg
Sodium: 1650mg
Dietary Fiber: 6g
Sugars: 3g
Protein: 14g

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  1. You're right it's a gyro. I was friends with this Greek girl in high school.. Her Dad owned a restaurant, I would go and eat his version of spaghetti with his greek cooking style, I loved his spaghetti. I would go in with my high school buddies and get that and we would get pizza too. But he made gyro burgers and my buddy ordered one and thought look at that huge burger!? It was a gyro on a burger, he really got sick. I don't think he cared for gyros!!? I wanted to share with you! Love your reviews, I don't know about them gyros. My boss bought me one and I told him it's good only ate a few bites.. I'm just not a lamb meat lover. I probably should try again, maybe my tastes have changed.

  2. You’re editing is solid but cut back on the tacky lightning and sound effects. I’d suggest getting rid of your intro entirely or at least spending some money to make something custom rather than stock sound bytes. I like your channel, I want you to succeed.

  3. Doesn’t look bad to me. Red onions and tomatoes actually do add flavor. I think you would have complained that the feta was too strong. The price tag is less than desirable.

  4. just tried these on your recommendation loved them !! u missed doing the Oreo bites at the same time liked those as well… Keep it up I don't get passed these places that often to see limited items.

  5. Doesn't look good to me. I love gyros. I think I'd be more inclined to try an Arby's gyro where the meat and/or bread has the curly fries seasoning. Thoughts?

  6. I work at Arby’s and a lot of people have gotten these since they came out! Not really a lot of people have gotten the new Greek salad! But it is pronounced yur-o just like the guy said it but I’ve had people say gyro and hero lol 😂😂 great review! Your the best food reviewer on YouTube! I will always watch ☺️

  7. I call placing order to restaurants and I get Greek places that pronounce it both ways. Anyway, I want to try the fries and either the salad or sandwich. I love gyros!


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