The Revelation of John, from its Original Greek Translation

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Borg cube or Matrix code?

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  1. I've only ever told my mother this encounter. My ex passed away on September 23rd 2017, I was sure that we were soul mates together over planes and times of existence (as far as you would take that to meaning in this realm) I was in a lucid dream and was walking through a babylonian style garden megaplex*. I was walking towards my ex love, had my eyes on him the whole time. Soon as I arrived at his exact location, there was a blink, a shift, a blip, he was gone, I looked down at the ground, he was gone. I started calling out to him and I looked out from a road covered by so many trees and vines to the point it was completely sheltered from the *suns (the road I had walked down to him) I looked over the side to a large valley that was covered in plants, vines and trees so thick that the only explanation I have is that this is what like the babylonian hanging gardens might've looked like. I'm yelling for my love and he's nowhere and I just break down crying literally from my soul the sound coming from my mouth was heart breaking. I woke up as I was crying this sound in MY realm. It took so long to stifle the tears, I'm crying typing this. I was so close to him, he was just gone! I was reminded of this because you mentioned the oranges and reds. This lucidity was overcome with red and orange hues only, the roads, the skies, of all the living flora in this place, EVERYTHING was not green, it was in oranges and reds, as far as the eye could see through this valley I looked down over. I said previously suns because the light was intense but not hot and everything was aglow with the hues of orange and red. I never looked up but just understood that there were two suns in this place and it was not unusual. I will NEVER forget this experience. I have not seen or heard or felt my ex since. He used to show me he was around through things only he and I would know. I don't know? Any thoughts?

  2. When I smoked Sylvia I was sitting in a bean bag chair and the second I let my 1st hit out , the walls corners started moving looked like a comic book page then I started spinning backwards and rolling into space I was so scarred I'll never touch that shit again

  3. In the book of John, God is described as light, Jesus says if your eye is single, your body will fill with light. Jacob saw god face to face and he called the place peniel (or Pineal as in the pineal gland). We are told to pray in the closet in secret (silence) with the door closed (in total darkness) and Jesus said take no thought. This is referring to meditation in darkness to open the pineal gland, the 7 seals are the 7 chakras that can only be open by kundalini energy (which is why no man can open the scroll). God is dark energy, the temple or kingdom is your brain accessed through the pineal gland to activate the right brain and through DNA runs through the middle ventricle if I remember the description correctly.

    In the book of kings it describes the temple that cannot be built with the hands of man or by any tool. The middle chamber is accessed through the right side of the house (right brain) up the winding staircase (DNA) to the middle chamber. We are beings of light (hence angles and not angels). 666 is an ego materialistic frequency adding up to the number 9 consciousness (which is why Solomon received 666 tenants of gold a year from the queen of sheiba). 144000 is also a frequency of consciousness (it also adds up to 9). That is the consciousness of christ which is why the tears will be wiped away and all will be peaceful and joyful. Our right brain according to some texts is made of dark matter which is why 90% of our brain is not activated, a dark matter hurricane is heading our way. We also have tetrahedrons in our body, the same material as empty space. We will undergo a DNA change to restore us to our original state before this mess occurred.

    Watch the videos of Bill Donahue for more details, he adds a lot of scientific facts to back these things up.

    As for whether to take it literal or allegorical, it’s a matter of individual interpretation. There are multiple layers of truth to each statement and everything spiritual has a physical manifestation. Do I believe the new Jerusalem is a giant space ship, in my opinion no. Based on the above it sounds like a state of mind across the entire planet where ego has been eliminated and we are all living in full Christ consciousness and fully connected to source.

  4. Hey Rex. Love your videos! Have you read the Essene Humane Revelation? Also read the Essene Humane Gospel. Lots of info in there that exposes Yahweh god of the old testament as satan. From Genesis 2 it was satan talking mostly.

  5. I want to be a warrior Bad ass Princess for battling Evil for my Creator! I want to defend Love and slay hate. I want my flying gear to be all Gold and Emeralds And have gossamer wings of diamonds and sprinkle frankincense and lavender over the skies.
    No, I’m not under the influence. lol
    Just waiting for the melatonin to kick in🥰

  6. Thanks Rex! It’s with great pleasure to be able to gather great minds together and enjoy learning and discerning with you all.
    The story of Our Ancestral Universe from the Master Mathematician, giving us gifts to decode. Like the best game night ever✨💫🍷🎻🎼🥁❤️

  7. From things I have recently learned- and the way Rex read these passages- (people are gonna hate on me for this) but it seems to me that those who go to the “New Jerusalem” will be just like the borg. Sounds to me like it is describing AI. AI is becoming our new God- we are worshipping technology, instead of the soul. I believe that whoever wrote/ edited revelations left out a few key parts that would change the entire meaning of it…….

  8. Rex the word "communicated" in the first verse should be 'signified' different meaning in English. its PARABOLIC in symbolism. Its how Jesus always taught in Parables.

  9. Illuminate DNA puts you in the forefront of everything. Always ahead of the curve. Always first to understand. Extreme thoughts and expedient issues beyond imagination. Et help, visitors support. Blood path options. Irrevocable choices. Inevitable sacrifice. Full self realization is the only way home.

  10. John is the crown of blasphemy so much so that you can't find the two witnesses to agree with him. He also implies christ was gay and his lover .

    Oh but come on we got sold to the stupidity of virgin conception for crying out loud …

  11. Dude no Bible is more messed up then KJV in my opinion it is filled with BS and false doctrines plus all the other false doctrines that have been inspired by it …

  12. Don't forget George Kavassilas, who says the religions are part of the "Saturn/Moon God Matrix," a false construct wherein a "god" is claiming to be the universal creator when he is not. Hmmmmm.

  13. Listening to you talk about the 144,000 and then went 2 leave a comment it was at 144 yeah u rite. Man i 4 got what i was going to comment about, o well hit me with sum more fluoride plz

  14. You should look at the oldest copy of the new testament which says that the mark of the beast is not 666, I believe that it has deliberately changed so people do not know the truth apart from the elites in the know.

  15. I believe the angels are extra-terrestrial beings. The war in heaven is the battles between the angels and the demons (ET races). The living beings are the fixed zodiac signs/ beings. The seven lamp-stands are the seven shokras energy centers. The esoteric tree of life has 13 branches and 9 roots making 22 in total (the 22 paths in the kaballistic tree of life). These may correspond dimensions (13 above and 9 below). There are white and dark Illuminati.


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