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  1. Anyone trying to get the cookbook for free will be deleted. Anyone trying to sell my cookbook illegally will be blocked. I''ve wasted enough time with lawyers and lawsuits already. If you Don''t want to spend $99 for the cookbook (which is half of the $199 I was going to charge that's fine) don''t buy it!!!! YES I GET IT ITS THE BEST COOKBOOK IN THE WORLD AND EVERYONE WANTS IT AND SO I UNDERSTAND THE FRUSTRATION WHEN ITS MORE EXPENSIVE THEN OTHERS BUT THATS LIFE!!!! NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD A LOUIS VUITTON PURSE but does not mean they will be selling then for $99.

  2. It’s counterintuitive to try and steal his cookbook. If you support docta Greg as a creator then don’t steal his freaking cook book people. Just buy it!!! It’s going to support the channel that we all love.

  3. I have a question, but first I must Segway. I find it easier to build muscle than to loose fat (cause I'm lazy) so I've been weight lifting and working on building muscle mass while I watch out what I eat. I figure I'd gain weight first then later down the road in corporate some cardio. Am I wrong? Is this bulking and do you (or anyone have any recommendations)? By the way I got that blender and I love it!

  4. Vitamix blenders are way better than ninjas bro. There’s a reason smoothie king and Starbucks and any nice restaurant/bar use Vitamix. They are the best made. See if your ninja will pulverize chia seeds and last over a decade..

  5. @Greg Doucette I have a question. Is tracking net calories the same as tracking overall calories or are they 2 different things

  6. Doucettey, is there anyway if I pay for your services, that you can not yell at me ? I havnt done anything to you. So I'd appreciate you to treat a paying client with respect

  7. Coach Greg don’t know if this is a topic you’d consider but would you talk about James Harden’s recent weight loss? Would be really interested to see what you think, but also how his body has changed over the years.

    We’ve seen him trim down in the past before his MVP season but what was the difference then and now?

  8. Instead of guar gum and the jello stuff, you can also add a table spoon of chia seeds (15 grams). The consistency is better (a really nice pudding!), more health benefits and that tbsp has about 73 cals. So all in all not that big of a difference, if not better. 🙂

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