ICANTBELIEVABLE! Another Universal Yums Unboxing!
This month we travel to Greece to try snacks Baklava, Basil Pesto Breadsticks, Oregano potato chips, and even Ouzo flavored hard candy.

If you are interested in trying Universal Yums here’s our link:


Universal Yums | Snacks from different countries!

How it works:

Step 1
Travel to a new country every month and discover the best snacks and candies they have to offer! Go in-depth in your exploration with a fun, 8+ page educational booklet that comes with every box.

Step 2
From rich dark chocolate with tangy orange peels from Greece to zesty tomato chips from Thailand, you never know what you’re going to get inside your box!

Step 3
Never miss a destination! Your subscription renews automatically at the beginning of every month so you’ll be all set for your next country. Need a break? We have an easy 1-step cancellation process.

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  1. Switching back and forth from sweet to savory would drive me crazy. I think I'd have to do all the savory first and save the sweets for last. Seems like we're all on the same page with the Ouzo candy …. gross! And Kevin said they look like moth balls. LOL

  2. This is so interesting, where we are from has such a huge Greek culture that we have had so much Greek food so this box is pretty interesting to us! Packaged baklava – hmmm, it looked good! I am always for any type of bread stick 😂 You ALWAYS get the waffers- haha- I typed it before you said it 😂! That cookie looks good- even though it didn’t seem to taste anything like the description 😂 Paul loves anything gummy so he would enjoy those pomegranate jellies, even if they do just taste like strawberry! I don’t particularly like licorice but I do love Ouzo! And chocolate and hazelnut is totally my jam! 😁❤️We say Austria (cuz Mozart and Vienna chocolate)! 😁

  3. We're currently discussing how the baklava would kill Amanda because of allergies. Pesto basil breadsticks will kill her as well. This is the monthly snack box of death!!! The wafers are possibly ok, so we're on-board with those. If you add the chocolate with coconut or peanut butter we're back to death.

    Ok chips… That's a lot of potato chip history!!! Military specifically for chips, LOVE IT!!! Grape flavored cookies sound exactly like the name. Thanks for the musty visuals. Wait, it looks really good. I think we're on board with the candies. Though, the pomegranate candy looks pretty tasty. We're not onboard the Liquorice trail. Big old yuck!

    Hazelnut, more death!!!!

    Switzerland!!!! You guys are amazing!!!

  4. This one was cool. I think everything you ranked I would have ranked the same exact way. I don't like anise so I don't think I would have liked that hard candy. But that stuff reminds me of my grandma, she used to use the actual anise stars in her tea. The grape cookie with the weird long name, I probably wouldn't have liked that either. I'm not fond of anything grape flavored. For the next box, I'm gonna say it'll either be Switzerland or Belgium? Belgium is also very famous for their chocolates and castles. Can't wait to see!

  5. The last wafer looked soooo good. Yummmm!! Lol those snack boxes are so cool and such a good idea. Which has been the best box in both of your opinions?

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