After a little break, here is Greece all endings!
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Music Used:
0:00​ – Good Ending (Kingdom of Greece anthem)
0:10​ – Best Ending (Civilization V Byzantine/Eastern Roman Peace Theme)
0:20 -Latin Ending (Preliator)
0:30​ ​ – Bad Ending (Mecidiye Marşı)
0:40​ ​ – Socialist Ending (Warszawianka in Greek)
0:50​​ – Worst Ending (Στο στρατιώτη του ’40)
1:00​​ – City States Ending (Ancient Greek Lyre)
1:10​​ – Pyrrus Ending (Hymn to the Sun)
1:20​​ – Roman Ending (The Final Legion)
1:30​​ – Persian Ending (Persian (Sassanid/Sasanian) Empire Tribute)
1:40​​ -Macedonian Ending (The Companions)
1:50​​ – America Ending (Greek Song About The Fall of Constantinople)
2:00​ – Hellenic India Ending (Kyr Kostakis-Greek Traditional from Constantinople)
2:10​​ – Slav Ending (Slav Battle music)
2:21 – ??? Ending (earthbound – 53 – sanctuary guardians)



  1. The last one got me lol😂😂I'm Greek too and yeah we are the worst generation ever existed since we got into EU.

  2. I wish the 0ttoman empire would rule over a large area again

    think of the multicultural you live in

    Respect Greece from Turkey

  3. Secret Ending 2 :
    Greek Revolution was only a Coup in the Ottoman Empire, Greeks become the ruling ethnicity of the empire, a Theocratic Greek Orthodox Empire is established

  4. Концовку славян я не ожидал увидеть. Было бы прикольно если это было бы так.

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