Not every day in the van is a crazy adventure! Sometimes we just want to enjoy a good book on the beach and eat yummy food. This is our third video in our new Van Life Day in the Life series and it really captures my sleepiness after traveling back from America and the beautiful reunion with Lou and Ody on the Island of Tinos in Greece. Showers and AC might be nice, but I would never trade it for van life. In our tiny home we have created our own little peaceful world where the biggest thing on our to-do list for the day can be getting groceries 🙂

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  1. I found you both a few weeks ago and I am hooked. I have wished to travel like you since my early teens. So I now get to see places through your eyes and it’s beautiful as you both are. Thank you from America

  2. I love seeing your videos in my subscription box. I find both of your voices so calming and genuinely enjoy watching your videos! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  3. Must be really hard with first world problems! Lazy day in Greece with a shit load of money! Do you honestly want us to believe that you are living on a shoestring just because your van looks like shit. If I am wrong and you are wasting your youth your prime youth away and when you reach your late 30s you won’t have shit. Everyone thinks this is such a great way to live your life well when you wake up and you don’t have no savings or anything and you’re broke on your ass because you decided to travel and see the world good for you.

  4. Hello from Greece! About your running low on water on greek islands, i am living in Kea, a greek island, and have lived in Paros as well. On both islands you can find filtered water stations close to villages and harbours for really cheap (0.10€ /lt) I dont trust it for drinking but for cleaning up it should be fine. The stations look like square grey cargo containers. Good luck with your adventures!

  5. Dear Dina,I dont know that type of potato if it is any different kind but you don't need that much water to cook it.realy you will be surprised to see if you boil that in half way water.the steam will cook it😘

  6. Always my favorite videos from you guys!! Can you please do a "van life workout" routine and show us different things you do to stay fit? I love the little clips but am so interested in how to exercise without equipment on the road!!! <3 <3

  7. 1.You are 2 of my most liked people on youtube.
    2. You look even better in Greece 🙂
    3.Tinos island is visited mostly for the church of virgin Mary. Have you been there? If not, you should! ♥️

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