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  1. It’s just so lovely to see real people enjoying good food while soaking up the sun .Nadia you look beautiful, and I just love the way you embrace life . Nanny Di that gorgeous pink T shirt is fab on you , don’t hide under the older T Shirts you have a great body 👍👏

  2. Nanny Di so funny with her t shirts x love how the girls are with her x nadia u don't look like u have put weight on u look fabulous as always x ignore these horrible comments they must have nothing goin on in their lives x like Mark said if u can't say something nice don't say anything x beautiful family inside and out x love watching u all on holidays feels like I'm with u there x ❤️❤️

  3. Some people 🙄 they have nothing better to do. I’m loving these vlogs of your hols, eat, drink, do what you want cos it’s your life, not theirs. You all look fab and such a lovely and loving family 💙💚💛🧡❤️

  4. Ive been watching your vlogs since last Christmas, loveee watching and wish I could meet you all, your such a lovely family 🙂 nicest most genuine people plus I've loved seeing Greece with you all! I have a chronic illness and can't travel or do much so thank you for sharing, been a big highlight to my days 🙂 thankyoooou x p.s. Love how Kiki looks after Nanny Di, very sweet 🙂

  5. Brilliant vlog again. Getting food and location envy here. Love the way Mark edits out Nadia’s talking halfway through, yet he always gets to ramble on 😂. Can’t believe that person thought it was ok to comment on YOUR body at all! Bet they’re not perfect. Who bloody cares about a bit of chub anyway. I have tons, and wear what i like, eat what i like and live how i like. Women are more then just their appearance and it really gets me savage that we live in a society where women’s worth is always equated by their looks, weight or ability as mothers! Bet Mark didn’t get any shitty little comments like that before he lost weight did he?? Because He’s a MAN!! Bloody idiotic people. Nadia, you’re a Queen 👸, and for the haters and judgers 🖕🖕🖕🖕.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Greece. What a blessing it is for your family to all be involved in the VLOG. I'm so sorry that some can't keep their comments respectful. I really want to go to Greece and it will be a trip I make soon! Have a safe trip! Love from Seattle Washington!

  7. Nadia you look amazing, I love how your just care free walking around in your bikini, 👙well done 💕 and you look gorgeous, and setting a great example for your girls to love them selves,
    Mark looking hot there, those abscoming through, love the blogs guys the holiday looked amazing, the girls and nannie Di Trio of delight, xxx

  8. Mark love your podcasts, thanks,
    Now never allow anyone into a swimming pool before checking which is deep end , could have serious consequence s.
    Like wise shallow, end,
    You did make comment on this after the girls jumped in,
    Safety rules !!!!!
    Enjoy your Holls,

  9. Love these volgs .so funny .Nadia your perfect and a great mum .ye deserve a great time .you will always have people jealous but pass no heed of them .we love ye 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  10. I dont often comment, but your holiday vlogs are great! Reality and family life at it's best. So many other peoples holiday vlogs are all about their outfits – a new one 3 times a day and umpteen bikinis, or expensive activities that to most are out of budget. We have seen Kefalonia for the beautiful place it is, wasps and all!! Watching your family dynamics is a joy. Thank you all x

  11. Nanny Di and Nadia in the sea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    There's a program in ireland called '50 ways to kill your mammy', I think ye're on the way to it 😄😄
    Thank god Nadia you've the sense not to listen to that rubbish, I'd love to look like you you're fabulous 💞
    I feel the sadness of ye're hols being over so no wonder ye do, I'll miss ye're views 🏖
    Use Nanny di's poem for GFH ❤❤

  12. Eat whatever you like Nadia, there is nothing wrong with being overweight, it doesn’t make you any less beautiful.❤️❤️☮️ I get really upset when people put down people carrying extra weight, worst type of bullying. I suggest listening to James Corden’s response to Bill Maher on fat shaming, positively inspired.

  13. Some very rude people, Nadia you are on holiday eat and drink what you want, that’s what holidays are for, I wish I had a body like yours, I’d flaunt it everywhere. Mark I often wonder about the thumbs down too, odd people. Just carry on being the lovely, normal, happy family you are x

  14. So nice to have your impressions and good moments. My first "View" of Kephallenia was Let's Plays from the Game "Assassin's Creed Odyssee" and in reality it's much more lovely! I've to visit it in future.

  15. Love these holiday vlogs, you have such a lovely family and nanny di is so funny especialy when she got in the sea i couldnt stop laughing🤣, but you are all such wonderful human beings and the girls are so beautiful,and Nadia you are glowing i wish i had your tan and i love your red swim suit you look fantastic in it, and mark is such a lovely husband/father/son he realy makes me laugh he is hilarious👍🏼

  16. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us again guys. I have enjoyed all of this year's. But this one is definitely the best.
    Stunningly beautiful,and so relaxing for you all.
    I feel quite chilled myself after watching each episode. And sorry it is coming to an end.
    Hope you are all feeling the benefits of being away. Deb.x

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