Greetings from Athens! 8 Hour Layover In ATHENS | Making The MOST Of It

After a crazy 4 day hitchhiking experience, we travelled from Tbilisi, Georgia to Poland with an 8-hour layover in Athens. Neither of us had ever been to Greece before so we just had to take this opportunity to explore a little bit of the city while we were passing through.

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00:00 Intro
01:10 Definitely back in Europe again!
01:46 We’re in ATHENS
02:25 Acropolis
02:48 First taste of GREEK Food
05:34 Unrealistic expectations of Greece
06:37 The Spartans originated in Greece!? What!?
06:58 Outro
07:53 Athens Layover BUDGET

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  1. Haha love that you didn't recognize the acropolis at first! Loved seeing this, we have been postponing our trip to athens for way too long, hoping we can get over there next year!

  2. Such an awesome use of a layover! You really packed a lot in! From our time in Greece we realized the Athens looks and feels completely different from Islands—where you’ll find all your white buildings and blue domes—and that Athens is totally underrated. Everyone always talks about the islands but Athens is well worth a stay as well (we might have even enjoyed it more)!

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