A closer look at 5 ancient greek units that operated more like elite special forces, than conventional forces.

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  1. Damn man. It’s such a shame this channel isn’t getting many views anymore. The content is SO, SO good.

    I’m kind of wondering if every video is gonna be the last, because I’m sure these take a ton of effort. Regardless, I always enjoy them thoroughly, and go rewatch pretty regularly. It’s top notch stuff.

  2. 4:32

    I mean, could you even imagine? What the hell was this like? How were people supposed to mentally prepare themselves for something like this? So brutal, and cold. Right up close and personal, with men staring other men in the eyes and they end their lives. God, it's horrifying..

  3. Uknown 5 is in my opinion the most underrated and high quality channel that I am subbed to!

    Its always a dopamine rush for me everything when he uploads a historical treat of a video on my subscription feed.

  4. Unknown 5 is like one of the first channels I ever subscribed to and got so enthralled with and binged it all and look forward to his videos like it’s some major breaking news or something lol

  5. Great video as always, I sometimes wish that you were putting them out a little quicker but then again I also like that you don't flood your channel with weak videos.

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