Summer BBQ recipes can be a challenge for vegans, so in today’s video I wanted to share some easy side dishes to help make your next BBQ a smash. From macaroni and potato salad to a greek inspired watermelon salad, these easy vegan side dishes are perfect for the lazy vegan who wants to party!

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  1. Hey Candice! So I just walked past you on Queen Street and had a total fan girl moment and wanted to say hi but didn't want to be that annoying person harassing you on the street. Also, the guy you were with was a TOTAL babe. Is he single? Lol

  2. Egg in mac salad? Hmmm, never did that when I made it pre-vegan days. The only salad I've never tried is the watermelon one. I still make mac salad and potato salad to this day. Except I use more mustard and no vinegar. Thanks for sharing these!!
    Also, as for RPDR – I got into it about 2 years ago. LOVE IT! That and Untucked!

  3. If you don't have access to vegan mayo when you get a hankering for potato/macaroni salad, you could always use a vinaigrette dressing instead. It's slightly different, obviously, but still super delicious! As long as you keep the other things that go into the salad the same as what you are used to, it will taste very similar. <3

  4. I have my Mom's old recipes for potato and macaroni salad. I just use vegan mayo without any egg substitute. But my macaroni salad still needs veganizing… Mom use to add that Sandwich spread. Which is very much not vegan. But tomatoes, cucumber, basil, celery and onion

  5. Potato + mayo + pickles = match made in heaven! Seriously, where I live it's currently 9AM and I'm here like a crazy idiot, salivating while looking at that potato salad because pickles…. If I could be some sort of food I most certainly would be a pickle.


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