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  1. @fat to fab … dear u shared a testimony named Mumta ka transformation . she had PCOD n D3 deficiency .. my wife have same problm… can u plz share her complete diet plan… plzzzz its a request plzzzz

  2. Could u please say are millets good.. If yes how and wen can we eat them.. Coz so many ppl around me are saying millets are good but im confused how to use them and wat tym is good to take and complete day ka diet mei kaise include karu.. Plzzz suman ji !! Agar aap ko kuch idea hai tho help me millets kao yaa nahi weight loss ke liye??? 🤔🙄

  3. घर बैठे बेरीज़गारी हटाओ, लाखो कमाओ

    पार्ट टाइम : कमाइए हर माह 1 लाख रु महीना , बस 3 घंटे कीजिये काम


    बेरोज़गारी हटाओ डॉट कॉम से जुड़िये और सिर्फ 3 लोगो को जोड़िए
    आप कमा सकते है 54 करोड़ रुपये तक ।

    आज ही जॉइन कीजिये


  4. Hii Suman, I love your vedios, I am a silent watcher of them, I am trying to follow wo sab jo ap suggest karte ho, keep. Motivating, abhiI am overweight but soon I will share my experience

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