I will show you time and cost saving techniques that turn basic leftover chicken, bits and pieces of vegetables in the back of your fridge into a delicious, eastern Mediterranean nourishing, warm salad main with chick peas, tahini, sweet potatoes and leftover kale or arugula. In just 15 min, all in real time, I will walk you through this recipe, creating a balanced sauce with lemons, extra virgin olive oil and help you avoid wasting precious food.

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  1. This looks delicious but I am so not very good at combining bits and pieces of things to make a meal. My husband is really good at it though. The joke in our house– 'he can make a meal out of a can of coke and a radish'.

  2. Great recipe – have to say "the washing of the hands" was way to much. I watch chef's on TV contaminate everything and wonder what a waste of food; you were dealing with leftovers – nothing raw no need for the over the top in this case.
    I will make this; but I hate sweet potato, I know its better for me, but I will amp up other veg to replace the fact that I hate sweet potato/yams not a fan.
    I am a fan of yours. great video, but i will use potato😜

  3. I have watched most of your videos. You are a good teacher as well as a master chef. I have never thought of shredding sweet potatoes. I remember my mother often used turmeric for color in cooking and that was forty years ago. I have made a lot of hollandaise sauce but I never used clarified butter as you did in your video. I tried it with clarified butter and it was worth the extra effort. I look forward to your future videos.


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