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Today’s video is taking us back in time to Ancient Greece to study the Gods and Goddesses that ruled the Greek World. So look out for Zeus, Hercules, and just SO many different gods, it’s so complicated but hopefully we’ve made it make some sense. This is 101 Facts About Greek Mythology.

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  1. Umm my boy Hephaestus was more than the god of fire, he was also god of blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metallurgy, and volcanoes. He designed Hermes' helmet and sandals, Aphrodite's girdle, and Achilles armour, among other things. Also despite being born lame he was able to marry Aphrodite.

  2. Awww wtf the first one wasn't a fact it was a statement about the facts on the list! I CALL SCHNANAGINS!! SCHNANAGINS I TYPE!!

  3. New drinking game idea…. Down a shot every time Chris says “Hera-culs” and you and screaming in your mind “HERA-CLEEEEES” 😂

    I did really enjoy the video though 😂

  4. I do adore Sam but Chris’ pace makes this video better for presleep chilling…. Sam is so excited, he gets me all fired up. Hope the banana ransom gets him returned soon……..

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  6. As much as Greek mythology is really great I really hate that There are games Where are you have to battle the Greek Pantheon’s like God of War,Kid icarus Uprising,Fenyx Rising and Saint Seiya !

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