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Let’s make crispy-skin chicken thighs with a creamy & tangy Alabama white BBQ sauce. Serve that with dairy-free creamed spinach with bacon and mushrooms.



  1. The book looks great !!! But seriously, you can cross contaminate by using a hand towel. Use paper towels and keep the timber industry planting and harvesting. Compost the used paper towels along with coffee grounds.

  2. Great video! Can you do a review of fish if you didn't already? Someone on another channel posted shrimp are not that good on keto? I thought all fish was good on low carb diet. Also, those rx bars you like, advice on how many, if any, we can eat on low carb?

  3. Enjoy your vlogs…Have your cookbook…Now you just need to market those great Tee’s you rock!…lol….What a great apron companion!

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