Had to smoke a chop (of course watching Breadtube) or else I wouldn’t eat lunch I was about to be treated to– yeah I’m that kinda pothead 🤗 PLUS when your friend gifts you nugs you try them…. oh and I broke that pipe a few hours later smdh. Did NOT want to buy a new one, I’m trying not to spend my money! 😭💔

Anyway she took us to a sit down Mediterranean restaurant and I was nervous because the few times I’ve tried Greek food it wasn’t good to me…but this was more Arabic /North African so the flavor was something I actually enjoyed and I was SO glad my body didn’t force me to be picky and rude 😅

#GreenParty #Progressive #EcoSocialist

đŸŽļ LMK by Kelela: https://youtu.be/ePi5BLJogyA

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