You can find some of the most delicious street food in the world at Hawker Centres in Singapore. These giant food courts serve up inexpensive, but extremely tasty meals.

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  1. Bad work of Journalism. Singapore is a multi-racial country with cultures of different sorts. As potrayed in this video, most of the food filmed comes directly from the Chinese. This gives foreigners of the outside world a wrong impression about Singapore and its cultural diversity. During my last visits to hawker centres around Singapore, there seem to be a greater variation of food, not narrowed specifically into Chinese food. Title of Video is quite misleading too. Food served in hawker centres are not defined as street food.

  2. The "hawker centres" are gonna be wiped out soon due to those restaurants, all my younger cousins want to eat these days are those restaurants, it's so expensive and doesn't even taste nice

  3. Recommendations if you come to Singapore .
    Go to ABC market, try the Orh Luah (Oyster Egg) and try the Avacado juice there. Damm nice, oso try the Wanton Mee at Telok Blangah food centre.

  4. the good is really hygienic here !! hawker stalls here really provide the most affordable options for food and most of them are delicious 😍😍 tip: dont go to restaurants and try hawker food they are too expensive and in fact are inauthentic


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