The Old Venetian Harbor in Chania (also known as Hania or Χανιά in Greek), Crete is amazing! We had a lot of family fun taking in the sights of the Old Venetian Harbor in the port of Chania and of the Chania lighthouse (GR: Φάρος), which is one of the oldest in the world!

We also had great family fun as we visited the Maritime Museum of Crete, Chania Town, which is a wonder for all those interested by anything associated with seafaring or, more generally, WW2 (less family oriented, but still important!).

Chania is a great city for travelers and traveling families; with its unique old alleys, influences spanning the many decades it was under Greek, Ottoman Turkish and Venetian Italian control, as well as its incredible Mediterranean cuisine, it is sure to leave you with a soft spot in your heart. Oh, and by the way, did you know that Crete is the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet? So what better place to eat some of the world’s healthiest and tastiest food, than in Crete’s most charming town!

Make no mistake about it – if you come here, you will want to come back! The majestic feeling you get here, whether it’s due to the freshness of the air created by the breeze that cuts the intense summer heat just at the perfect time, the laid back island vibe of the people, the time-machine feels that spring back to life the past of the Old Town of Chania, or maybe because looking past the Lighthouse of Chania into the great midst of the Agean sea seems to magnify that feeling of discovery and exploration, that quiver that embodies any traveler’s first taste of the surreality of the Greek island experience, can’t help but make you feel like you are at the crossroads of centuries of cultural intermingling. It is truly a traveler’s paradise.

As I am contemplating our future trips to uncover new unknowns, I know that one day I will come back to Chania. I can’t wait to show you more from this very charming little town.

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