In Pattaya Thailand, insects have been a common item among the street food vendors for as long as I can remember. Many local delicacies are offered including scorpions, silk worms, grasshoppers and much more.



  1. 1000 different things to eat in Thailand, and people choose to eat bugs. I was thinking this was something super drunk Australian farang guys would do just to gross each other out. Grotesque.  But I still like your vids anyway….

  2. if you are in the united states filming private foodstall, the owner will call the cops or give you a fat lip. this is especially real in the south where gun ownership is high and privacy/security is taken seriously.

  3. the master of meat maker nusret bay – salt bay makes best meat and food in world i just watched his videos in Dubai and USA he makes by fare better foods then those people in thailand, anyway Kurdish and turkish foods like donner kebab kebab dulma teshrib pacha and many others are best foods in the world. living in europe here.

  4. C'mon guy's, lay off with the intimidation the fella's trying his best to give us some New content, if he stopped the vlog's i'll bet you's would miss him?he's one the original's and a nice guy as Well. Say something nice about the guy for a change. Everyone hates a bully! All the best charlie.

  5. I ate a live miller moth one time, it was gross, but it didn't taste bad, tasted like a Brazil nut. I've eaten chocolate covered ants, they tasted fine. But I wouldn't eat those bugs off the street carts in Thailand, loaded with pesticides, and the oil they fry them in is cheap unhealthy highly chemically processed vegetable oil.

  6. Charlie lets see more girl friendly hotels, events going on around the city, bars their prices on bar fines beer, stuff you use too put up that way people are informed on what to do when they come there not just on a budget but too party as well.

  7. Hi Charlie… I love all ur videos .. keep them coming.. lately I see many dislikes than usual .. ignore them and continue to explore the city and I hope that you will be super rich one day .. you are giving your best…dont give up.. and I enjoy Sean videos as well… he is superman… love from India…

  8. Charlie,I am kinda disappointed lately …your content  Is just a repeat over and over again..Update us about Sean and where he is..when is the visa run due?


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