Ottolenghi has been a house hold name now for years, and his empire has more than doubled in size since it all began in 2002.

Once upon a time Ottolenghi was a pastry chef, with no comprehension of the English’s traditional meals. What was the appeal? So often our dishes lacked flavour, seasoning and most importantly imagination.

Before things get too harsh and we start berating ourselves, let’s just take a moment. England is a country where the only things we grow particularly well are potatoes…and weeds. So, the fact that one our staples is bangers and mash, is not really surprising.

2002 arrives, and along comes Ottolenghi with his spicy heritage and Mediterranean recipes (the two are interchangeable). Suddenly our taste buds are set on fire, our imaginations stimulated, and England got excited about food again.

Since then the world has fallen in love with spices and vegetables, embracing them as not just an accompaniment to meat, but to be enjoyed as a dish in their own right. Amidst the growing popularity and excited frenzy surrounding Ottolenghi’s recipes, many of his restaurants and delicatessens have popped up in London; and now it is time for one more.

The new restaurant is set to be the biggest one yet and coming to Fitzrovia. Word on the grape vine is that you can expect a large central oval bar with plenty or seating and separate retail area. It’s time to dust off his recipe books, try out your favourite dishes, and get inspired all over again.

The new restaurant is set to open Spring 2018.

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