The reopened restaurant at the Address Montgomerie looks good, and the food tastes even better

Under the stars, surrounded by greenery and with your favourite few people around you — seems like an ideal evening out, doesn’t it? At the reopened Nineteen, Address Montgomerie, Emirates Hills, you can help yourself to all these things — and then venture out onto the balcony for views of a placid pool of water and manicured lawns that glisten with dew under the night sky.

And here you can sit — as we did on opening night — your favourite beverage in hand, and indulge yourself.

After the sounds of shutters shutting, heels clacking, and teeth gnashing (as sometimes a smile will induce), a path was made to a more ‘interesting’ station. It was flush with flavour and calling out for a happy sampling.

There were a number of cheeses — some beautifully sharp; others refreshingly moist — with cold cuts and the usual garnishing: think sun-dried tomatoes that add that little zing to every mouthful.

The refurbished menu comes in bite-sized portions — some meant for sharing — with succulent Margaret River Wagyu Tartare; roasted Hokkaido scallops, Jerusalem Artichoke puree with edamame and semi-dried tomatoes; the ever exotic Moussaka with lamb and capsicum puree; and finally the soft comfort of a burrata with seasoned heirloom tomatoes, olive powder and basil pesto.

If you’ve had yourself an exhausting day, either playing a fun round of golf or staring down eye-watering paperwork, slink into one of the comfortable couches and give the unusuals a try: there is organic ocean beef tenderloin with root vegetables and fondant potatoes, and Spanish octopus.

The best part of this experience, I found, is the aesthetics of it all. Plated up in a delicate manner, you could be forgiven for thinking that this nosh is more for pictures than it is for chomping down on — the melt-in-your-mouth texture helps to dismiss all reservations though. It’s ok to go to Nineteen hungry; your cravings will be satisfied.

The Chef De Cuisine Giuliano Berta dips into the classics of Mediterranean cooking, and the salads on offer are fresh, sweet and tart: a bite of spring. We suggest you nibble on the signature Nineteen Salad with marinated tuna, halloumi, baby spinach, figs and pink grapefruit. Or, if conventional is more your thing, a Greek salad, with mixed tomatoes, cucumber, feta, kalamata olives, capers and roasted capsicum, makes the cut.

It’s enough to make you sigh. And as you do so under the night sky (yes, head out into the balcony once more) tuck into the tiramisu espresso mousse with raspberry sauce. It’s a ride on a rollercoaster for your senses: it begins with a favourable first look and is followed by a blend of sweet and a tangy aftertaste. It was a delicious way to say goodnight.

The details:

Cuisine: Italian

Good for: A relaxed evening

Credit card: Yes

Average cost per person: Dh225

Location: Address Montgomerie, Clubhouse Ground Floor, Emirates Hills, Dubai

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 7pm to 11.30pm

Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 11.30pm

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