Irena Tsangarakis, co-owner of Aposto in Highland Park, is Greek, but says Italian food present more of a challenge. She and her sister Christine offer both at their restaurant, viisited by the Munchmobile crew. (Video by Pete Genovese).



  1. I'm Italian and I love both Greek and Italian food. I would say both are equal with strengths in different areas. My uncle married a greek woman and I've had the best of both worlds at every family gathering. Many of our family traditions are very similar as well. Greeks and Italians should be the best of friends.

  2. Both Greek and Italian cuisine is excellent. Their cultures interconnect and thus the Greco-Roman culture is influential even today after 3500 years. And, they are both hard working, smart with money and loyal to their friends and family.

  3. The Italians didn't copy the Greeks the Greeks copied the Italians because they were jealous of the Italians why would Italy copy Greece after the war against the Italians fighting the Greeks

  4. This is just one of several hypotheses on the origin of salami, there is also the theory that salami derives from the Latin word: sale, salt, that is a generic name of salted pork.

  5. That's right, I respect the Greeks, but I do not tolerate any ridiculous attitude of superiority. The Roman Empire was one of the longest in history, it was influenced by Greeks in the cultural and philosophical, but developed its own engineering and military technical.

  6. Greeks didn't exist longer than us. Does that even make sense what you said? Did god put non-Greek later on this earth? Greek food doesn't exist, it is stolen from the Turks.

  7. LOL! It's so funny you say..because in the ancient times, the Italians tried in every way to basically copy the Greeks. Nothing was original from the Italians.

  8. Hellas is Capital of Democracy the light of the people!!!
    There is not Latin Language ..Latins are Hellenic dialect…
    Macedonian empire was the greatest!!Alexander spreads the hellenism all over the world with 35.000 army!!!
    He beats the persians 3 times ..Persians has 1.000.000 army and Greeks has 35.000..
    The scripts ??The Gods ??All have greek culture …The only think that have better the Italians is the Marketing!!

  9. @Johnnystrychnine my friend during byzantine timea the turkish lunguage was not present in eastern empere sinse turks/seltzuks haven t arrived yet… they did later about 1000-1100AC and that was the time when byzantium had its downturn…. as for the greek language it was formally spoken not only in east but also in the west, as for the jealousy of greeks towards italians thats smthng i hear for the first time…

  10. @QuadraroImp Anatolian=Turks, DNA tests show that Turks have 90% the same DNA as ancient Anatolians and etruscans. People are waking up to the facts.

  11. @QuadraroImp greek food doesnt exist, it is turkish ottoman cuisine. learn your history. even etruscans who brought civilsation to europe were anatolians.

  12. @SirGeorge8600 different culture? Italians-Greeks culture are the WESTERN CULTURE, we create it.
    I'm italian and I'd prefer italian foods but greek food for me is one of the best in the world.
    Spasnish, Italians and Greeks foods >>> all

  13. @stellu2 Nah, fuck you. You're fighting with a good amount of people here. What the fuck does that tell you? Umm yeah, piece of shit. I don't care I just think it's pretty hilarious how retarded you are. I'm fucking with you for shits and giggles. You deserve to get the shit beaten out of you.

  14. @stellu2 Then don't insult people on their grammar. And by the way, it's not "it's" in that context, it's "its." You're saying "America has the lowest scores in educating it is children." Get a fucking clue. Don't act like you're better than people and insult them for things you can't do better. People like you make me sick.

  15. @stellu2 Absolutely not. Capitalizing the first letter of a word does not add emphasis. Capitalizing all letters in a word adds emphasis. You're just using extremely improper grammar actually. They teach us that in like the 3rd grade. Just saying. Don't insult people on their grammar. I'm an English major.

  16. The problem with Greek and Italian food is that it's been stolen/copied from many other cultures and civilizations in history. Being half Italian and half Greek having spent my life around this food I can confirm this more or less. But then again there's no such thing as an "ethnic" food. Ie. Pasta was Chinese, Pizza was Ancient Persian, Connolies were Napoleonic French, Baklava- Iranian, tomato sauce/tzangiki sauce were all used in the Americas prior to being discovered by European explorers.

  17. first of all this woman is not italian or greek so how can see cook the foofd the way is ment to be italian food is nice but greek food is better. there are a lot of greek food wich are not served in greek restrants thats way they say the there is more italian food. and the greeks where before the italians so the italians learnt from the greeks

  18. first of all this woman is not itallian or greek so how can she cook the food the way its ment to be. Italian food is very nice but greek food is the best . there are lots of greek foods that they do not serve it greek restrants. and the girls are much hotter too


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