Laura Pazzaglia, founder of, shows how to make yogurt in Instant Pot IP-DUO. More details and videos are at

Detailed instructions on making yogurt can also be found on Page 16 of your Instant Pot IP-DUO User Manual downloadable from:



  1. When I get done w/ YOGT first cycle, I open lid and when temp drops to 115F, add my starter, I push YOGT again and it says "BOIL" and reheats the milk (too hot to touch, so well above 115F). What am I doing wrong?

  2. 8 hours! Ehh…I'll just buy some from the super market. This Instant Pot is freaking amazing though. Also…The woman in this video is really attractive. va va va voom! 😉

  3. Just wanted to share this with everyone here. I was just reading a blog post about making yogurt in a jar. I read here that a few people has issues with the yogurt being watery. On this blog post , it says to put the lids on the jars and slightly turn the screw caps on when cooking your yogurt to prevent the water from getting in and making it watery. Also, it does sound like this lady says 150 degrees on this video but it's supposed to be 115 degrees.
    Going to go make this right now!

  4. PROBLEM… At 4:11 you close it and click on Yogurt for 8 hrs of cooking BUT BUT BUT you never mention if you leave the valve OPEN or CLOSED (for pressure cooking) !!!!!!!
    * Question: Which is it? Open or closed???
    Thanks for the videos. Thy are great and very useful but we all have very limited time so can you script and edit them better to make them as short and yet as informative as possible? Like here, we do not have to see you stir all 4 jars etc…

  5. I put the lids on the jars right after I mix in the teaspoon of yogurt. Then I put them in the cooker, close the pot and put on the yogurt function. Makes it thicker because no condensation gets in the jars! Then they are ready to put in the fridge when done! 😍

  6. The way I'm making my yogurt is I heat up 4 cups of whole milk in a microwave (each cup for 30 seconds) so it is luke warm temperature (store bought milk is already pasteurized so no need to scorch). I make it right in the stainless steel insert (no jars). I mix half of container of plain yogurt in the milk (I mix it with milk in the measuring cup and keep adding the milk to it so there are no lumps). I freeze the other half of yogurt for next time. Then set the instant pot into sealing, close the lid and press yogurt button. I adjust the time from 8:00 into 9:00 so it would be little firmer. Last time it was little watery but still tasted great. After the yogurt is done, I put it into Tupperware container in a fridge. You can eat it when it cools down, roughly in 2 hours. I store it in a refrigerator for up to a month but it's usually gone in couple of weeks. Hope this helps someone as I was searching for more details myself since these instructions are no where to be found in the instruction book.

  7. I see Laura has no interest to address any questions at all. What a darn shame to post and vanish.

    I wanted to ask what size individual jars did she use in the Instant Pot… and can you also make the yogurt in the Instant Pot ss inner pot, and then place in your own Lock & Lock tupperware containers which seal out air and are waterproof, and keep them in the refrigerator until you finish the yogurt.

    Perhaps some nice person knows and can honestly answer these questions, if so…thanks and greatly appreciated.

    One would think full Yogurt making instructions and q&a would have come with the Instant Pot which we paid good money to receive.

    I really am not comfortable leaving food prep and unanswered questions to chance, especially when dealing with food prep and storage options to feed my family safely.

  8. I'd like to see a video start to finish using just the inner pot.  I do not wish to use the containers and need to see what you do after the milk is heated to 180 degrees.  Please explain.

  9. I have made yogurt with this twice, following the instructions. Both times it was really thin. When I tried to strain it, it just went right through, so I couldn't thicken it up at all. I checked the temperature of the yogurt right before I took it out of the pot and it was only 90 degrees. It needs to be more like 110-115 degrees. Is there another setting I can use to get it up to 110-155 degrees? Is this a defective unit?

  10. I've just purchased an Instant Pot Duo and would like to make yogurt using the inner stainless steel container rather than glass jars. Nowhere in the instructions or in this video do you mention what the valve should be set at. I'm assuming it should be 'venting', but would appreciate your comments. Thank you.

  11. I made yogurt in my Instant pot and it was so watery.  I strained it in cheesecloth overnight and it was great,  but it seems to me that the jars should have lids on them to keep condensation out.  Will this effect the yogurt if I cover the milk?  Thanks.

  12. just made a batch of goat yogurt , was not as it looked in video,I thought she said 150 degrees too. will try again at 115 degrees. I am discouraged  at this point but will try again

  13. Hi Laura, thank you for the video! One question: do you need to remove the water (left from steaming) from the cooking insert before starting the incubation process? Or you have to keep the water inside Instant Pot when starting the Yogurt program?

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