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Credits to the editor @FireDran for making this video.

Songs used in the video:
Vincenzo Salvia – Extreme Pizza Power



  1. Last time i commented on one of your vids i questioned you how you'd manage to even get bigger still… thanks for clarifying.. Also perhaps you'll want to see boogie's video's on how he talks about his fat.. You still have time to change your diet, for real no memes

  2. The chat ruined this video lmao. Butter with mayo, oh plate for a sandwitch. Jesus christ. The troll kids are fine but the super serious faggot kappapride cunts are too much.

  3. u dont eat whitebread if u are on a diet 🙂 eat tomatoes ginger gralic salmon or chicken with herbs on and no sauce, maybe some rice or bulgur, u are welcome ,eat that and u will loose weight GGX ganggang TriHard 7


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