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Watch how you can make your favorite creamy and cheesy broccoli soup from a popular cafe right in your own kitchen. Chopped up broccoli, carrots, onion, and celery simmer in a thickened chicken stock until tender. Stir in shredded Cheddar cheese right at the end, and lunch is ready!

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  1. I HATE the HUGE white letters that are barely visible and very difficult to read, yet still manage to cover half of the video making it difficult to see how the food is being cooked…..

  2. Good lord I can't believe the complaining and negative comments. If you're going to unsubscribe, then just do so… you're not so important that you'll be sorely missed. And all the negative comments about how the video could be better… how about just sending a private message. I know everyone has a right to an opinion and feels the need to have their opinion heard; everyone also has a butt hole, but that doesn't mean everyone else wants to hear it make a noise or smell it.

  3. I made this today with sharp block cheese I grated from Sams club. I'm a novice cook, just trying to make some soups. Honestly the soup looks great, but mine turned out to have somewhat of a chalky texture to it in your mouth. Im suspect perhaps I didn't cook the flour mixture long enough or maybe it's that cheese?Any help?

  4. Я очень любила смотреть ваши видео…но почему вы переделали канал на английский язык, и удалили нынешние видео, я от вас такого не ожидала ; (ответьте пожалуйста!

  5. Dislike this new format. The text is very difficult to read and while I'm trying to focus on it, it's gone too quickly. White text on a light background is horrible to make out. Why don't you use a narrator anymore? Cutting costs?

  6. It displeases me that Allrecipes seems to not be "listening" to their subscribers. If you are, though, then you should already know that a lot of us do not find this format comfortable to watch. The texts cover up a big part of the screen, and are often difficult to read. Please, if you would insist on a no-narrator format, please, fix the typography AT LEAST. Do not ruin a good recipe. 🙁

  7. okay, can i just say I really dont like this new format. Not only can i not listen to these while i'm cooking anymore and just pause it as i need to, but i cant fricking read it either! The text is so hard to read! White on white is never a good idea guys!!!

  8. Hint: You don't need to cook the onions in a separate pan. Put them in the stock pot, add the butter, stir to coat the onions, add the flour and whisk as you add the milk. The onions will release the flour because they have butter on them. I do this with my mac and cheese as I like onion and celery in mine. Both go in first thing.

  9. Smart chefs/cooks know that to avoid lumps, one must add the liquid ALL AT ONCE while whisking when making a roux. Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine – incorrect instructions…😝

  10. Why is it the bread was not mentioned or even displayed the name? that's the part of the whole dish and they omitted that? if you are not going to tell all maybe don't make a video like this again

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