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This is all the Equipment that we use for Video and Audio on this Channel and our other Channel FreeToUseSounds

▸Zoom H6 Sound Recorder:
▸Zoom H6 Dead Cat Bundle
▸Roland CS-10EM Binaural Microphones:
▸Zoom H1:
▸Rycote NTG Super Blimp:
▸Rode PG2R Pistol Grip:
▸Rode NTG-4+ :
▸Rode smartLav+ :
▸Rode Windshield WS 6:
▸Rode SC3 Adaptor:
▸Rode VideoMic Pro:
▸Rode VideoMic Go:
▸Audio Technica 8035:
▸Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone:
▸Sony A7s:
▸Sony FE 28mm:
▸Sony Zeiss Batis 85mm:

▸Zhiyun Crane Gimbal:
▸Sony FE Zeiss 24-70mm:
▸DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone:
▸DJI Osmo:
▸Osmo Extension:
▸Sony A5100:
▸Sony 16mm f/2.8:
▸GoPro Hero4 Black:
▸Joby GorillaPod:
▸Joby GorillaPod 2:
▸Kenko Macro Adaptor:
▸Adobe Premiere Pro CC:
▸Adobe After Effects CC:

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  1. You have very austere vacations, trying to enjoy it… Standing ovation! …However, at the same time: Marcel, don’t you think that those lemons grew in someone’s yard?.. Have you asked for the permission to pluck them up?..

  2. Haha, i was a bit astounded there for a second! Of course i don't want to disappoint you, and assuming it was only meant semi-ironically and not fully ironically, let's see what we got there, shall we… 🙂

    Both reed (Schilf in German) and bamboo belong to the botanic family of sweet grass, so they're essentially gigantic blades of grass. But appearance–wise, bamboo is always green (unless it's dead), even the stipe/stalk, and you also won't find any yellow leaves on it. And what definitely gives it away are the leaves themselves. Bamboo leaves have leaf stalks growing from the nodes of the branches. But reeds have leaves located alternately on the stem (one going to the left, one to the right, and so on). The base of each leaf comprises the stalk and originates from the node of the stalk over its entire circumference – one leaf per node. This can be briefly, but clearly seen at 2:022:04. Conclusion: This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the common reed, and not bamboo.

    Thank you guys for another exquisite video and a cool moment when i heard my nickname!


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