The Aviary serves a towering fried pork skin that ranges from two to five feet tall. After being dehydrated for 14 hours, the skin only takes seconds to expand once it is placed in hot oil.

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  1. I like the chicharron from Philippines. It's crunchier than this and sometimes they have kinds where they include the fat and meat so even MORE crunchier and tastier.. The skin in the vid looks like it's gonna get soggy within half an hour. Sounds like a rubbery crunch instead of a hard fried crunch. That oil aint even hot enough… The vid chicharron is kind of similar to a prawn cracker in texture… Kinda stryofoam crunchy but once it hits the tongue/saliva it becomes a soggy mess and has no crunch. I've made pork rinds/chicharron plenty of times. The south Americans and Filipinos make one of the best Chicharron and pork recipes.


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