Prep time is minimal. The result is fresh yogurt the way it was meant to be!!



  1. That turned out so good. I might try it when I have more time. How much yogurt do you get from how much milk. I just want to see how much the quart of homemade yogurt will cost me to make. Thank you.

  2. Ok, I'm typing already!! 😂. So, call me an odd ball, but I like my yogurt plain. Once in a while I do a McDonald's copy cat fruit salad with slices of apples, grapes (sometimes) walnuts and vanilla yogurt for dipping . YUM! And costs next to nothing. Crap! Now I'm hungry! Do you make granola too? I think I'm gonna go make some right now. Plus , a warm oven will take the chill out of the house. Hey, did you ever get to watch that documentary? I often wonder what's happened to that family .


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