This restaurant, technically in Clarksville just across the Tennessee border, services a lot of Fort Campbell patrons with its unique Indian and Greek buffet. The Eagle Post Editor Jesse Jones sat down with owner Nick and talked about the restaurant. This place, Nick says, is all about variety.

ADDRESS: 3441 Fort Campbell Blvd., Clarksville

PHONE: 931-771-8900


HOURS: Open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD DO YOU SERVE?: “I’m serving here Greek and Indian Mediterranean food. It has lamb kabobs, lamb shanks, chicken tikka, chicken tikka masala. We have a lot of good stuff over here.”

DO YOU MAKE SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION FOR DIET?: “We have the biggest variety for the non-vegetarian and vegetarian. I have a special section for vegans. We have different days when we have pizzas, lamb pizzas, chicken pizzas, greek pizzas we make special here.”

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN OPEN?: (Today) will be one year.”

WHAT’S YOUR SIGNATURE DISH?: “Lamb kabobs and spinach pakora. It’s deep fried with the batter. The best thing I will recommend is the lamb kabob, we have it once or twice a week.”

DO YOU HAVE A SET MENU?: “Every morning we come … we don’t have any set menu. Whatever the chef decided, he’s going to start making. We have six entrees for meat-lovers, it could have goat, lamb, chicken, lamb shanks. Six items. Six items for the vegetarians and six items for the vegans. We have bread, rice, salad. We have a … rice pudding for dessert and a tropical fruit salad. We switch items everyday, everyday we have something new. It’s nothing like if you go to a Chinese buffet you always have the same menu. No, we always change. Everyday. We have variety.”

WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR BUSINESS?: “A lot of soldiers go overseas. Fort Campbell, when they get stationed they’re mostly going to (the Middle East). When they go to these kind of countries, they’re familiar with that food.

When they come back, first they come back they go to Burger King.

Then after a certain time they want to taste what they were tasting. They come with their families, say ‘hey we tried this food overseas.’”

HOW CHALLENGING IS IT TO BUILD A BUSINESS LIKE THIS HERE?: “It 100 percent depends on military. Ninety percent of my business is military-based. Ten percent is local people. A lot of people … they don’t want to try unless it’s a hamburger or barbecue.”

DO YOU HAVE A LOT OF COMPETITION?: “There’s no place on this side of town selling Indian food. I brought it together, Indian food and Greek food so they have more variety. If you make it spicy it’s Indian, if you add a little seasoning it’s a Greek kabob.”

WHAT ELSE SHOULD WE KNOW?: There is a private conference room, as well as an additional private room for parties. Nick said people like to bring groups in with projects and discuss or work on it over his food.

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