Bechamel is considered one of the most important sauces of French cuisine but is found in recipes from other cultures as well. A bechamel is a combination of milk, butter, and flour and can be seasoned with onion or other flavorings. The Greek version, besamel (in Greek: μπεσαμέλ, pronounced beh-sah-MEL) includes the addition of egg yolks, which gives the traditionally white sauce a light yellow color.

This is the basic, medium-thick white sauce used in moussaka (a layered eggplant dish), pastitsio (baked pasta with ground meat) and melitzanes papoutsakia (little eggplant shoes). If you would like to change the consistency of the besamel, you can increase the ratio of butter and flour to the milk which will result in a thicker sauce, or use more milk to make a lighter sauce.

To make double or more cups of besamel, increase all ingredients proportionately except the egg yolks. No more than 3 egg yolks should be used.

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