Hello my sweet beauties! Welcome to my channel! Today i have prepared a delicious greek dish which is called spanakorizo. It is made with spinach, rice, olive oil, onions, butter, spices and a lot of lemon juice. I also have amazing pork belly slices and my favourite greek yoghurt! I hope you like it my friends! Enjoy and please don’t forget to subscribe!



  1. hi salted how r u girl love love watching u eat…u eat all your food n i like that actually i love that…thats whats make a mukbang well for me lol take care girl n give me a shout out whenever u can just dont forget lol bye

  2. Looks yummy yummy … its really amazing .. when you eat these things .. and you are a great person because you always do youre traditional food and its really nice from you …. i hope that one day you would make a kuwaitian food video .. if you wanted to do just tell me so i give you the recipes ..😘😘❤❤ love you

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