I am sharing 10 realistic healthy habits!

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  1. Happy Healthy New Year to you and your family..these are great tips to share – working on making sleep a priority..thanks! Also love your salt/pepper shakers on your counter,any link of where they are from 😉

  2. I appreciate all these great easy tips! I find when its cold( I'm in Florida & we are freezing) I tend to stray from drinking my water! I really have to find a way to not let that happen

  3. Great tips- i have a goal to eliminate caffeine, dairy, gluten, alcohol and refined sugar for 10 consecutive days each month-
    Accidentally had gluten when I added barley to a healthy soup, oops. Hoping to kind of jump start or cleanse/ detox each month for a 10 day period- any recipes that would help me with this goal would be great- love your calm steady videos. You are really mastering this and I’ve watched you for about 3 years now. God bless☺️

  4. Absolutely loved this video!! Really excellent tips. So timely too! I need to work on each and every one of them. Especially getting more sleep and not eating too much sugar! I am a such a chocaholic. It's really bad, but it's a new year and you've given us such great motivation!! Thanks so much! Time for healthier habits!
    💕, Kate

  5. Hi Jen! Love your videos. I just joined a gym for the first time in my life!! This new year is going to be my year of health. Your video gave me lots of great tips. Would love to see more "what I ate today" videos.

  6. You’re always so easy to listen to! These are all such great tips-why are the most basic things the hardest to do?! Yet I know they are everything 🙌🏻 this was super motivating, thank you 🙂

  7. Great way to start another new year with these healthy habit suggestions, thanks Jen. There is one that I find harder than any of the others & that's exercise (big groan & eye roll 😄) so I'm going to have to make an effort to get off my backside & just do it. For me, in my late 50's, I am really good at finding excuses not to exercise but it's time for a change – appreciate the motivation & wise reminders in this video 😀👍🏻🌺

  8. Have you ever thought of using essential oilseed products?  I use Young Living Essential oils and they support endless body functions and you can make tons of DIY's and swap out toxic home cleaning products.  Please let me know if you are interested in learning more!

  9. Thank you this was a great video. A great reminder of a lot of things. I just started journaling last week I love it!!! I just need to get over that fear of someone reading it 😯


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